15/03/20 - Information about the measures taken by the local government regarding the coronavirus outbreak

Kulcsszavak Megosztás

In the current situation the local government of the 2nd district of Budapest sees as its most important task to provide continuous support and information to the residents, and to set an example of solidarity and of a responsible attitude. We will therefore regularly publish real and up-to-date information on the measures related to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The Hungarian government has decided to close all schools in the country.

All nurseries and kindergartens operated by the 2nd district will also be closed as of 16th of March. The institutions will operate similarly to the system used during the summer break. The details of the new system will be published soon. The local municipality is asking all parents to only take their children to these institutions, if otherwise only the grandparents would be able to look after them.

During the closures the local municipality will naturally continue to pay the complete salary of all kindergarten and nursery employees.

Educational institutions will continue to provide meals to children who need it. The local government and the schools will jointly assess how many people need this service, and will transport the necessary quantity of food to the educational institutions. The local government is asking the parents of children who will not be needing this service to cancel their earlier meal orders through the iMenza site in order to limit food waste.

Adult day care services and the district’s day care centre for people with mental disabilities will be temporarily closed as of 17th of March. The local government will continue to provide help and meals to those who need it in their own homes. The staff and partners of the centres will keep in touch with all who need care, and will pay particular attention to those at greatest risk from the coronavirus.

The deadline for paying local taxes (motor vehicle tax, communal tax, building tax) has been prolonged until the 15th of April. No late payment fees shall be applied until that date. The local government is currently asking all residents not to pay their taxes through the post offices but go online. For further details please see http://bit.ly/3aTrRe8 (only in Hungarian).

The local government has accelerated the digital transition planned for the current term. Tax issues can from now on be managed online. Please do not leave your homes for these matters. For further details please see http://bit.ly/3aTrRe8 (only in Hungarian).

The Gyarmati Dezső swimming pool will be closed to the public as of 15th of March.

Mayor Gergely Őrsi has forbidden the participation in international professional events for all local government employees, and the local government will not host such events. The mayor has also expressed his firm opposition to any foreign travel by local municipality staff. All local municipalty staff who travel by airplane or visit any country that has reported novel coronavirus infections shall work from their homes for 14 days. The rule also applies to those, whose family members have returned from abroad and to those, who experience sudden fever, cough or shortness of breath.

Mayor Gergely Őrsi has decided to immediately transfer HUF 100 million from the budget to ensure the funds required for the measures detailed above.