2020. március 13.

Information about the measures taken by the local government regarding the coronavirus

Kulcsszavak Megosztás

The local government of the 2nd district of Budapest is constantly in contact with the authorities and the state bodies in order to coordinate measures regarding the coronavirus outbreak. We would therefore like to inform the residents of the district about the following.

Cancelled events

The celebrations planned for the 15th of March have been cancelled. Short commemorative events along with wreath-laying ceremonies will be held at the originally planned dates and locations with a small number of participants.

The Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria, the Marczibányi Community Center, the Berczik Sára Dance Club and the Vízivárosi Gallery have suspended all their events indefinitely.

The Gyarmati Dezső swimming complex is also cancelling all its sporting events, but it is still open to the public, provided visitors adhere to the regulations of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service. The swimming complex will introduce special cleaning and disinfection measures.

The local government is also postponing all public hearings.

Measures regarding nursery schools and kindergartens

Based on the most recent government regulation aimed at coordinating the defence against the coronavirus, the heads of the public education institutions, the notary and the Education Bureau do not have the authority to order the closing of schools. However, upon the request of Mayor Gergely Őrsi municipal nurseries and kindergartens will from now on accept certificates of absence for up to 14 days written by the parents (in the event of respiratory illnesses), and there will be no need to bring a certificate from a doctor.

The local government will provide all the help necessary for the district’s public education institutions to carry out cleaning and disinfection measures. Despite shortages, the local government is able to procure all necessary products. Mayor Gergely Őrsi has ordered more thorough and frequent disinfection and cleaning in all institutions.

Protection of the elderly

As the elderly are most at risk from the coronavirus, the local government of the 2nd district has decided to cancel all events organized specifically for that age group. At the same time, we are asking all residents above the age of 60 to avoid any events involving large crowds.

The visit ban in healthcare institutions announced by the National Chief Medical Officer naturally also applies to the nursing home at Bem József Square.

Preparation for future tasks

Local governments will be responsible for providing supplies to residents in home quarantines. The local government has begun preparations for this task.

The local government has also launched preparations for the possible closure of its customer service offices. In that event, we shall continue our customer service tasks online or via telephone. At the same time, we are asking all residents to limit the chances of exposure to the virus by starting to use our services online or via telephone.

Information regarding the institutions and the district is available at https://masodikkerulet.hu/tags/koronavirus and our central customer service is available via telephone (+ 36 1 346-5600).