2020. március 28.

Information about the partial curfew connected to COVID

Kulcsszavak Megosztás

As of Saturday, 28th of March the Hungarian Government has introduced a partial curfew in the whole country until the 11th of April. The partial curfew decree imposes restrictions on movement, that is, residents are not allowed to leave their homes without a good reason. In practice, this means the following:

Residents can still go shopping for essentials and can also go to work.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, personal hygiene stores and markets will remain open, but residents above the age of 65 are only allowed to visit these between 9AM and 12 noon. During these hours younger residents are not allowed in the stores. The operators of the premises are responsible for compliance with the regulations.

Gas stations, tobacco shops, hairdressers and manicure salons can also remain open.

Administrative issues requiring personal attendance such as banking, insurance and official matters as well as postal administration are only permitted if absolutely necessary.

Healthcare services will continue to be available, including psychological therapy and physiotherapy. Veterinary services will also be available.

Restaurants have to close, and can only provide meals for takeaway or home delivery.

Everyone must keep at least 1.5m distance from each other at all times in public places, including stores, public transport and the street.

Outdoor sports activities such as running and cycling as well as excursions and dog walking are still permitted, but only alone or with people sharing the same household. People/families must keep at least 1.5m distance from each other during these activities.

Regulations will be enforced by the police, but currently no written permission or certificate is required for anyone when leaving their homes. Violators of the restrictions can be fined between HUF 5000 and HUF 500 000.